The SMart. The Art of Technologies Contest results have been summed up!

The online awards ceremony took place on September, 4th.

By the decision of the Expert Council, the winners are:

I place - Valeria Khaptuyeva, National University of Science and Technology "MISIS (Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys)"

II place - Stepan Zenchenko, Siberian Federal University;

III place - Roza Petrova, National University of Science and Technology "MISIS (Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys)".

The total prize fund was 150,000 rubles.

We congratulate the winners and wish them continued success, not to be afraid to experiment, implement new things, express themselves and progress!

Stages of the competition.

Applications for participation were submitted by 187 persons, but only 87 from them were admitted to participate in the first stage of the competition. During the first stage we offered to pass a test, according to the results of which 34 people were admitted to the second stage. At the second stage, the young specialists modernized the minerals processing flow chart. In three weeks, they had to improve on the scheme using their knowledge of the market, equipment, and to offer the best solution. The main qualification criteria for the next stage included the ability to read process diagrams and machine circuits layouts, to calculate process indicators, to apply their knowledge to select technological solutions. According to the results of the completed tasks, three participants passed to the final of the competition.

The final third stage represented defense of the papers in the form of presentations to the Expert Council, the Council was made up of the Commercial Director of Sever Minerals, the HR Director, the Head of Selection and Adaptation, the Chief Process Engineer, the HR Business Partner, the Head of Engineering, the Head of the Crushing and Screening Equipment Department, the Head of the Mineral Processing Equipment Department.

On September 4th, the results of the competition were summed up in the office in St. Petersburg, the meeting was held via videoconference. Each contestant received feedback on his/her paper and learned the prize-winning place.

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