Sever Minerals Roll-Up Wins Gold at Mining and Metals Central Asia (ММСА)

On 29 September to 1 October, Almaty is hosting the 26th MMCA. It brings together thousands of exhibitors every year, including equipment manufacturers and suppliers, miners and smelters, and mining experts.

A massive Sever Minerals roll-up covering nearly 200 sq m presents scale models of comprehensive process solutions. Highly commended by the MMCA organizers, it was named The Best Roll-Up. Sever Minerals team reveal some details of integrated projects and showcase a new customer mobile app, which made its debut at the fair.

Trade fairs spotlight key players, so international companies can see how active we are and make advances. Such events are very helpful for building a dialogue; something that usually takes months of preparations can be discussed in three days. For us, this is an opportunity to solidify our brand image, meet current and potential clients and present ambitious comprehensive solutions that the industry currently demands.