Reliable “Heart” of Lebedinsky GOK

Lebedinsky GOK (Mining and Processing Plant) systematically upgrades the production facilities by updating the equipment stock. Thus, during an overhaul in the third direct reduced iron shop, a process gas compressor motor was replaced by a WEG asynchronous motor. The delivery, commissioning and installation supervision activities were performed by the engineers of Sever Minerals.

An outdated motor of another model with rolling bearings was previously installed in this area. It was frequently out of service, and compressor downtime resulted in termination of hot briquetted iron production, which directly influenced the enterprise’s performance. High requirements were therefore imposed on the new engine.

The engineers of Sever Minerals suggested a more reliable explosion-proof WEG MGF Ex motor with a capacity of 8,600 kW equipped with friction bearings. The motor was designed with due account of all features and objectives of the enterprise. The dimensions of equipment allowed its installation in place of the previous motor with minimum modifications of the shop’s interior space. All control signals of the control and measurement instruments and attachments were coordinated during the development. The motor uses less electrical energy, and the friction bearings serve for not less than 30 years with no replacement required.

As a result, the equipment fully complies with the enterprise’s requirements.

According to the contract, of the motor was expected to start operating on August 25th, but due to the joint efforts by the service engineers of Sever Minerals and Lebedinsky GOK, the installation supervision and commissioning activities were completed ahead of schedule, and the new reliable “heart” of the plant started working as early as on August 18th.