Integrated project for Magnezit Plant

Sever Minerals has created an integrated project for Magnezit Plant PJSC using unique equipment that has not been previously used.

The Magnezit Plant is a company producing magnesia products, sintered periclase powders, mixtures and masses based on those, fused periclase and caustic magnesite, silicon carbide electric heaters and aluminosilicate products. 

The customer requested to supply process equipment for the crushing, sieving, and packaging circuit in the fused periclase shop. Sever Minerals proposed a complex that includes screens, elevators, a cone crusher, 4 silos with a bunker and finished product packing machine according to the requirements.

The specific «behavior» of fused periclase during transportation, storage and packaging was considered at the proposal development stage. Initially it seemed that the material was abrasive and harsh, however, while testing, it turned out that it was less abrasive than it was noted in the terms of reference and extremely dusty, while the requirement for ensuring minimal dust in the work area was one of the strictest in this project. This requirement was satisfied thanks to a well-developed solution: the vehicles loading takes place with the help of silos, special telescopic chutes and a high-capacity aspiration system that does not allow dust to scatter and clog the environment.

One of the site features is the presence of groundwaters which come close to the surface and can have a negative impact on the complex stability. Therefore, a special focus was placed on the material feeding procedure. Thus, at this stage, it was decided to supply the feed by a conveyor from a neighboring building. In the future, it is planned to build an area for bulk loading of raw materials using a specialized bunker.

The entire complex delivery is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022.