Sever Minerals is to design and deliver three crushing and sorting systems to the Vostochny Coal Mine in Russia’s Novosibirsk Region.

It will improve the quality of the finished product and have a positive impact on safety and the environment.

Sibanthracite Group has signed a contract for the design and supply of three high-performance crushing and sorting systems (C&SSs) with Sever Minerals, a supplier of full lifecycle integrated technological solutions for the mining, metallurgical and chemical industries (EPS). Metso Outotec equipment will be used for the crushing and sorting systems, which will be installed at the enterprise’s production site.

The new C&SSs will allow the mine to produce the entire line of high-grade high-margin products. Each system has an annual capacity of 3 million tons of ordinary anthracite.

The new equipment will completely eliminate the need for loaders (over 30 pcs.), thereby having a positive impact on the level of industrial safety. Ordinary coal will be delivered by coal carriers from open-pit mines directly to the loading hopper of the crushing and sorting system.

The C&SSs will eliminate the unnecessary coal reloading operations which are currently involved in anthracite processing performed by contractors at mobile sorting facilities.

The new systems feature optimised processes. Coal is transported via conveyors to screens where the products are divided by size classes. Coarse classes undergo further crushing if necessary and are also conveyed to the screens. This will minimise the loss of high-grade product and dusting during the processing of the coal. Small-grade output fractions will be treated with special anti-dust reagents. The new equipment employs electrical drives, which are environmentally friendly.

The production of high-margin products will make a positive contribution to the budget of the Novosibirsk Region. The introduction of in-house crushing and sorting systems at the mine will create more than 20 jobs.