Enhance factory performance through equipment upgrade.

Amur-Zoloto LLC is one the top 20 Russian gold miners with largest gold production volumes. In 2018, the company produced 1515 kg of gold. The factory is an ambitious producer in one of the most advanced gold producing Russian regions – Khabarovsky Krai.

Sever-Minerals JSC supplied the first METSO crushing and screening plant for Amur-Zoloto in 2016 for Perevalnoe field, and the companies continued cooperating for upgrade of Yubileiny GOK.

Yubileiny mining and processing plant includes an underground mine in Krasivoe field and a processing plant.

The field includes two ore bodies about 7 m thick, with 11,2 g/ton and 8,4 g/ton in situ.

The first ore body strike extension is about 150 m long, the second is about 38 m long.

Gold is recovered using gravity flotation process with recovery of rich gravity concentrate, flotation of gravity tailings, followed by hydrometallurgical processing of gravity concentrates using intensive cyanidation.

The challenges our company faced were to enhance factory performance by 25% and prolong equipment service lives, reduce power and reagent consumptions of the process. In addition, we had to address how to reduce footprint of the installed equipment.

Yubileiny GOK

To solve these tasks, professionals of Sever Minerals developed a solution which included:

  • Metso MB 352 rock breaker to crush oversize upstream the first crushing stage;
  • Multoteс HC 350 hydrocyclones with scrolled evolute design, with high quality of classification and longer wear rates (apex and vortex, shell liner);
  • Metso HM75, HM150 и MM100 pumps;
  • Metso LTK 150-F4 plate settler, which is compact yet highly efficient, with clean overflow thanks to large settlement area. It consumes much less flocculants and power than conventional radial settlers;
  • Local automated control system for thickening.

This solution was implemented together with Irgiredmet, Research Institute of Precious and Rare Metals and Diamonds.

Commissioning and supervised installation were carried out by Sever Minerals service engineers.

The claimed performance was confirmed by testing, the equipment was commissioned.

Thanks to the new equipment, Yubileiny GOK has reached up to 130,000 ton of ore per annum.

Yubileiny GOK


Enhance factory performance through equipment upgrade.


Rock-forming minerals






  • Metso MB 352 rock crusher
  • Multoteс HC 350 hyrdocyclones
  • Metso HM pumps
  • Metso LTK 150-F4 plate settler
  • Automation systems based on equipment by Weg and Danfoss


9 ton/hour


13 ton/hour


16 ton/hour