Uralasbest OJSC has been developing the Bazhenovskoye field for 130 years. The company is one of the largest producers of chrysotile in the world and a leader in the production of non-metallic building materials. High-quality crushed stone of all fractions and crushed-sand mixtures are produced here. Most of the gravel and road ash are sold to other regions and are used in the construction of cars and railways. In addition, gravel is used in the quarry itself: for filling roads and other tasks.

The Uralasbest plant produces over 5 million tons of gravel a year. Previously, the rock mass from the quarry was sent by rail to the factory, where crushing was carried out in three stages. After crushing at the factory, the crushed stone of the necessary fractions was partially sent also by rail back to the quarry for filling roads.

In 2019, the company launched a new crushing and screening plant, designed by specialists of Sever Minerals. Now the first stage of crushing is carried out directly in the quarry, which avoids the additional costs of transporting crushed stone and already at the first stage obtain a product of higher quality and optimal fractionality.

The company was faced with the task of replacing an obsolete inefficient crushing complex, built on the basis of a factory for the production of asbestos. It was necessary to reduce the cost of transporting the rock mass by preliminary crushing and allocation of classes of finished gravel for the quarry's own needs.

Uralasbest OJSC

The Sever Minerals team proposed a solution based on the Metso C130 jaw crusher, the Metso VF561-2V vibrating grate feeder and the Metso CVB103P screen. The equipment is located in the place of extraction of the rock mass, in the quarry, which allowed to improve the preparation of the material for further processing on the existing production line. In particular, the career trifle, previously supplied with all the rock mass, is now disposed of in the quarry. This allows you to unload the further process chain, reduce dusting and the cost of return transportation of fines to the dump.

The heart of the installation is the Metso C130 crusher, which has unrivaled reliability due to the unique design of the prefabricated frame, ease of adjustment of the discharge gap and maintenance of the bearing assemblies. This provides a high level of technological readiness of the equipment for work and a margin in productivity.

The complex solution includes engineering, supply of all necessary equipment and metal structures, installation supervision and commissioning by service engineers of Sever Minerals.

At the moment, the installation has exceeded the warranty technological indicators and reaches a capacity of 600 tons per hour.

Uralasbest OJSC