When every word matters. Helping Yan.

Sever Minerals continues to help Yan, a boy with motor alalia.

 Language development in children is a long and complex process, going hand in hand with its general intelligence. Unfortunately, it happens so that a baby does not pronounce its first words in time, and the parents begin to worry.

 Yan from Murmansk will be 6 years old in September and the boy has just started to speak his first sentences. It was obvious at an early age that the baby would not start speaking without medical attention, and Yan's family tried to make every effort to help him. Our company has been supporting this family: Sever Minerals paid for several rehabilitation courses in specialized clinics. Just recently, Yan has completed one of such courses at the inclusive center for speech improvement “Ya est” in Moscow.

 The center pays great attention to the development of children, has its own special course of adaptive physical education aimed at improvement of both physical and intellectual abilities. For two weeks, Yan studied with teachers, speech therapists and doctors every day and at the end of the course the boy had five new words in his expressive vocabulary. This is a true victory for the baby and his mother, as every new word is the result of everyday hard work.