Helping Igor

We continue to share with you stories about little heroes, whom Sever Minerals is helping. 

We have been familiar with the story of Igor Volkov from Kyshtym of the Chelyabinsk region since 2018. 

Growing up he was a healthy boy but during the summer of 2017 he was bitten by a tick infected with encephalitis. Three weeks in the intensive care unit and a new life – the little boy had to learn to eat, talk, and walk. 

And he managed. However complications of the tick-borne encephalitis persist – the boy cannot fully control his right arm. Igor has a disability. Doctors make favorable forecasts and there is a chance that the little boy will be able to recover fully. For this purpose Igor has been already for two years undergoing massage and rehabilitation courses in a specialized clinic and constantly doing exercises at home. 

The treatment is expensive, and the boy's relatives can't cope with it on their own.

Our company has paid for several courses. Thus, in January of the ongoing year owing to Sever Minerals Igor successfully finished another stage of the treatment.

We sincerely wish the little boy speedy full recovery!