Helping Fedya

Doctors diagnosed little Fedya from Saint-Petersburg with Noonan syndrome when he was only 3 y.o. It is a genetic disorder that may present with short height, congenital heart disease, bleeding problems, and skeletal malformations. Fedya has a heart failure: it pumps only 60% of blood instead of normal 100%. His brain is not that well perfused. Because of that Fedya has terrible headaches, he cannot comprehend information that fast. Now he is 13 y.o. but looks like he is 10 – short and skinny.

The new endocrinologist helped to find the right treatment. Omnitrope, which Fedya should take regularly, work miracles. Thanks to it the child doesn’t get sick, gets weight, there is an improvement of cerebral activity. And feeling good Fedya becomes happier.

Sever Minerals got expensive medicine for the child. Doctors say taking the treatment Fedya will drow to 1.6 m.h. And it will help to withstand the heart-valve repair.

We wish Fedya get well as soon as possible!

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