Help Misha

In April, a family from Murmansk contacted our company. Their son Misha has spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type 1 infant form. This is a rare genetic disease that affects motor neurons of the spinal cord and leads to increasing muscle weakness, paralysis and respiratory arrest.

Today there is a cure for SMA - American drug Zolgensma, which can stop the disease once and for all. One injection of the drug to a patient under the age of 2 years can create a working copy of the necessary gene. But this drug is the most expensive in the world today, its cost is 2 125 000 $, and the introduction of the drug is only possible abroad.

The boy’s parents do not give up and do everything possible to raise this huge amount of money: the charitable foundation https://aleshafond.ru/children/misha-zhukov, social media groups https://vk.com/club190223159, regional mass media, all possible resources are involved. Everyone can help as much as possible. Our Company also have made a contribution to Misha’s recovery.

We sincerely hope that everything will work out!