Help for Anna-Maria

Sever Minerals continues to support children with health problems and contribute to the treatment of Anna-Maria, a girl with one of the most complex blood cancers.

In February 2015, Anna-Maria was diagnosed with L1-L2 morphological classification, T(II) immunological classification of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Russian doctors' predictions did not give Marusya a chance, and her family decided to take her to a specialized clinic in Israel.

For five years, the little girl has gone through chemotherapy courses, numerous blood and platelet transfusions. For rehabilitation, Marusya’s family had to move to Western Europe, where the girl underwent eight radiation therapy sessions of radiation therapy. It took a year and a half to restore speech and writing, and doctors worked for six months to normalize the stomach, intestines and liver. For now, the family is forced to stay in Europe, since there are no suitable conditions in Russia for the girl treatment.

Now the girl is 10 years old, and she continues to fight for her health together with her family. In the near future, Marusya will have another operation instead of the rehabilitation course. The girl developed acceleration of teeth (the number of teeth is much more than normal). The child cannot eat for the second month in a row, she is in severe pain and is losing weight.

Our company has contributed to the treatment of Anna-Maria, and you can support her too.

We sincerely wish Anna Maria good health!