A journey to the Sami village with children from Olenegorsk

The Sami Village "Sam Syyt" is an open-air ethnographic museum. In the village you can see the traditional way of life and living conditions of Sami living in the center of the Kola Peninsula, to play in the national Saami games and spend time in the fresh air, surrounded by animals.

This is not the first trip with the guys from the Olenegorsk Integrated Center for Social Services to the Sami Village. Someone here was already last year, but for someone this is the first acquaintance with such a wonderful place.

In the Sami village, the children had the opportunity to chat with the local furry inhabitants - rabbits, husky and tame deer. We spent the whole day in the open air, played Sami football, listened to bewitching legends and made a wish at the Sami idol. The guide promised that it would come true. It was very touching to see how the guys, standing by the large wooden sculptures, thoughtfully pronounced their dreams to themselves. Three hours in the village flew by completely unnoticed. Everyone really enjoyed our fascinating journey.