Helping Daniel

Daniel from Murmansk was born with a diagnosis of achondroplasia or dwarfism. This is a disease that slows down growth of bones and cartilage.

Congratulation of children and veterans

This year employees of Sever Minerals congratulated children from four cities. The gifts were chosen on the basis of the children’s individual interests or needs of the organization. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War from 14 cities received from our company food sets for the festive table and cards with warm wishes signed by employees of Sever Minerals

It is written about Sever Minerals

“Last week, on the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays, veterans of the Great Patriotic War of the Guya city district were congratulated on the upcoming holidays by employees of the administration and the commercial company Sever Minerals”, the Vkontakte community “The Guya district” of the official representative of the Guya city district administration reported.

Helping Danil

On June 15, 2019, a young boy from Kemerovo, Danil, jumped off the pier and got into shallow water. The hit resulted in a complex diagnosis – “severe spinal cord injury, pelvic organ dysfunction, acute cerebro-spinal injury”.

Decade of disabled people in 2019

Every year in early December events dedicated to the decade of disabled people take place in our country.

Helping Egor

When Egor was 1.5 years old he got chickenpox that led to psychomotor regression, and later the boy was diagnosed with neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis 1, a rare progressive genetic brain disease.

Helping Valensiia

Valensiia is a little cheerful girl, looking at which, it is difficult to imagine what tough challenges she and her family had to go through.

A journey to the Sami village with children from Olenegorsk

The Sami Village "Sam Syyt" is an open-air ethnographic museum. In the village you can see the traditional way of life and living conditions of Sami living in the center of the Kola Peninsula, to play in the national Saami games and spend time in the fresh air, surrounded by animals.

Social policy: completed projects

Sever Minerals is continuing our active social policy. The priorities of the company's charity are supporting childhood and youth, taking care of veterans of the World War II, providing assistance to people with disabilities and medical facilities.

Helping Dima

Helping children in need of expensive treatment is one of the priorities of Sever Minerals charity. This is a story of our new hero Dima from the Moscow Region.