Helping Fedya

Helping a boy from St.Petersburg with Noonan syndrome

Helping Arseny

Sever Minerals continues helping a little Arseniy Povedayko from Olenegorsk. His diagnosis – infantile cerebral paralysis.



Helping Boy with ICP


Happy Victory Day!

Life-saving medicine

Ruslan from Saint Petersburg suffers from a rare genetic disease SMA Type 1 - spinal muscular atrophy (infantile onset). This disease affects spinal motor neurons resulting in the increased muscle weakness and ultimately in the cessation of breathing.

Help for Anna-Maria

Sever Minerals continues to support children with health problems and contribute to the treatment of Anna-Maria, a girl with one of the most complex blood cancers.

When every word matters. Helping Yan.

Sever Minerals continues to help Yan, a boy with motor alalia.

On feats, on valor, on glory...

Last weekend we all celebrated a great holiday - Victory Day. Our country has always had a special attitude to this day and it is very important to keep it, especially among children, so that the memory of the great deeds of our great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers is never forgotten.

Help Misha

In April, a family from Murmansk contacted our company. Their son Misha has spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type 1 infant form.