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Upgrade of the thickening shop the waste processing unit at the ore pr.ocessing and pelletizing plant of the Donskoy Ore Mining and Processing Complex (DGOK).

The Donskoy Ore Mining and Processing Complex is one of the largest producers of chromium ore in the world.

Sever Minerals was engaged to develop and implement a process solution for the thickening and filtering unit to enable 60 kt of chromium concentrate with a Cr2O3 content of 50 % in to be produced from slimes of the waste processing unit.

After engineering surveys and lazer scanning of the upgrade sites, Sever Minerals team developed design and project proposals as part of the project execution. Those were completely in line with the project-specific layouts, as well as the customer’s requirements for equipment performance and final product quality.

  • Geotechnical and geodetic surveys were completed
  • 3D scanning of the thickening equipment in Waste Processing Unit # 1 and # 2 (UPO Building # 1 and # 2) under the conditions of the running operation
  • The 3D model showing the layout of the thickening and filtering unit equipment in the building was digitized
  • A project was developed to upgrade the dewatering unit of the Ore Processing and Pelletizing Plant of the Doskoy Mining and Processing Complex
  • A detailed summary BIM-model was created for all disciplines
  • Support was provided to obtain appropriate approvals for detail engineering documentation from the authorities
  • Dozens of units of main and auxiliary equipment were delivered. These included two thickeners and one high-performance chamber press filter
  • Construction supervision, installation supervision and startup and commissioning were completed

The installed equipment has fully achieved the guaranteed performance and product quality. The engineering solutions implemented as part of this project resulted in lower quantities of construction and installation work.