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Our electromechanical drive specialists work with motors and their control and launch systems from across the entire segment. These include those requiring unusual complicated applications.

For over 10 years, Sever Minerals' electromechanical drive department has cooperated with the WEG company (Brazil), one of the world’s largest producers of electric machines. WEG offers a wide range of motors for various applications, from low-voltage to high-voltage, with practically no limitation on output.

In 2019, Sever Minerals started cooperating with VEM, Leroy-Somer, SEC, Nidec, Siemens, etc.; in 2020 its EMP specialists extended the product range offered by the division. It now includes:

  • Nidec reacting power compensating devices for medium voltage.
  • Liquid starter rheostats from the manufacturer MKS, used to start asynchronous motors with a phase-wound rotor.

Our electromechanical drive personnel completed several large projects in 2020:

Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant

A gas compressor motor was in need of replacement in the plant’s third hot-briquetted iron workshop. The Sever Minerals engineers suggested a more reliable explosion-proof WEG MGF Ex motor with a capacity of 8.6 kW, equipped with friction bearings. The motor was designed with all the enterprise’s distinctive features and requirements in mind. The dimensions of the hardware allowed it to be installed in place of the previous motor with minimal modifications to the shop’s interior space. The project involved coordination of all control signals for testing and measurement instruments and attachments. The motor uses less electrical energy, and the friction bearings will last for at least 30 years without replacement. The equipment fully complies with the enterprise’s requirements.

Matrosov Mine

Some of Russia’s largest milling units are installed at this factory, but the customer has constantly had problems with their motors. For over two years, our specialists worked alongside WEG to develop an equipment replacement project that included the required technical improvements, defended it and won the tender in 2019. A series of 7.5 MW and 9 MW motors is now being installed, commissioned, and launched.

Phosphorit Industrial plant in Kingisepp

We installed and put into operation a 6.2 MW motor as part of a project to increase air blower capacity for sulfuric acid production.