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Sever Minerals has installed ROITECH pumps at seven plants under construction to enable one of its key customers to develop a coal deposit.

Sever Minerals engineers proposed high-quality equipment by a reliable supplier — ROITECH — as its detailed specifications, vast expertise in project implementation and strict adherence to the technical requirement specification have been sound arguments that this option is more applicable to the project. 318 pumps were therefore delivered to the processing plants.

“Working at mining and processing plants that are still at the stage of construction along with launches of new facilities is always a laborious action. The process prove-out involves a lot of shutdowns, which produces an additional load on pumping units. That is why it is critical to keep in mind all peculiarities of equipment operation to ensure declared process parameters and meet all of the customer’s requirements,” said Sever Minerals Key Account Manager.

The site supervision is over at three plants, while the other two are to finish the work in September; commissioning to start after the launches.