Poly-Cer rubber-ceramic lining

Trellex Poly-Cer systems are highly resistant to abrasion, even when exposed to a large amount of material. Poly-Cer boards have high wear resistance, reduce noise and vibration. The combination of the best physical properties of materials such as rubber and ceramics can increase the operating period up to 6 times, compared with wear-resistant steel.

Poly-Cer rubber-ceramic lining


  • Long service life.
  • Coating for various incidence angles.
  • Efficiency thanks to the unique design of ceramic elements.
  • Quick installation.
  • Without the content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.


  • Trellex Poly-Cer 4S
  • Trellex Poly-Cer 10S
  • Trellex Poly-Cer 20S
  • Trellex Poly-Cer 38S
  • Trellex Poly-Cer 70S