Polus Aldan lamella thickener proves effective as claimed

Up to 2019 the Kuranakh gold-processing plant owned by the Polus Aldan Company was equipped with four radial thickeners, however, their capacity was not enough for the production ramp-up. In order to accomplish the tasks facing the plant, Sever Minerals engineers changed the four existing thickeners, three of which are no longer used at the plant, for a lamella thickener. As a result, the client was provided with large thickening capacity margin. The lamella thickener has reached the claimed levels with the key value being 510 tons\hour for hard rock processing.

The equipment proved to be highly efficient in terms of processing ore rich in clay (up to 65%) and operating outside at low temperature (max –60°С). Flocculant reduction, an important aspect for the client, was also calculated. Another advantage was the reduction of construction and installation capital costs, as the size of the installed thickener is 24 meters in diameter while the radial thickeners are twice as large.