The Great Patriotic War affected every family in our country and, of course, the Victory Day is a special holiday for us, evoking mixed feelings of pride and sadness. By a good tradition, Sever Minerals celebrates the Great Victory with veterans. Every year, on the eve of May 9, our employees in different parts of the country visit elderly people to once again express their sincere gratitude and congratulate them on the Victory Day. These meetings are always warm and touching. Indeed, in addition to a gift, attention is very valuable for the elderly people, and they often strive to respond with the same attention - they invite to the table, share memories of past years. This year, unfortunately, we had to limit communication. We passed our gifts – food packages for the festive table – in compliance with safety measures, without exposing the elderly people to unnecessary contact, which means risk. And the warmest congratulations sounded on the phone or through social workers and relatives.

We sincerely wish the veterans good health!

Thanks to the colleagues who took part in this touching and very important action and congratulated 115 heroes from 13 cities on behalf of the entire team of Sever Minerals.

Congratulations on Victory Day!