Helping Valensiia

Sever Minerals continues to provide financial assistance to severely ill children. Little Valensiia from Murmansk needs our help now.

She's only 4 years old. In December 2017 Valencia was taken to the hospital just one step away from coma. Her blood sugar rose to almost 34 millimoles with a normal blood glucose level of 3-5. Like a bolt from the blue Valensiia was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, also known as insulin-dependent diabetes.

Valencia's mother had to quit her job to stay with her daughter full time. Valensiia needs several insulin injections every day and constant monitoring of blood sugar.

In order to spare the child frequent finger pricking measurements, parents acquired a sugar monitoring system. The system really makes the girl's life easier, but its steady operation requires a lot of sensors that are quite expensive.

Our company has allocated funds to purchase the required number of sensors.

We sincerely wish Valensiia and her family patience, courage and good health!