Helping Igor

One of the priorities of Sever Minerals charitable activities is helping children in need of expensive treatment. This is the story of our new hero – Igor Volkov from Chelyabinsk region.

This April Igor will turn 5. Growing up he was a healthy and active boy but during the summer of 2017 he was bitten by a tick and infected with encephalitis. From that moment he and his family have been going though hard times.

Igor spent several months in Chelyabinsk hospitals fighting for his life. Time spent in intensive care was three on the longest months for Igor’s family and the toddler had to learn to speak, eat and walk all over again. The child was diagnosed with permanent disability.

A lot changed in one year. Today Igor can talk, play, smiles and – as many kids his age – acts naughty and discovers the world. But the complications from the tick-borne encephalitis still remain, in Igor’s case they manifest as spastic right-side paresis. He can’t fully control his right leg - due to hypertonia he clenches his toes and positions his foot incorrectly - and his arm – can’t unclench his fingers by himself. 

The doctors give good prognosis and indicate improvement. But Igor needs rehabilitation which, unfortunately, is too expensive for Igor’s family.

Our company paid for Igor’s treatment and as soon as this March he will undergo the course of procedures for rehabilitation accompanied by his mother. We will inform you of Igor’s condition after the treatment.

From the bottom of our hearts we are wishing Igor good health and full recovery!