Helping Egor

Social projects are an integral part of our company. We strive to provide real help to certain people — understandable, tangible and, most importantly, extremely necessary help.

In most cases we provide a long-term assistance, because, unfortunately, the struggle for health can last for years.

We have been acquainted with a very brave family of Egor, a boy from Olenegorsk, for over 6 years.

When the boy was 1.5 years old he got chickenpox that led to psychomotor regression, and later Egor was diagnosed with neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis 1, a rare progressive genetic brain disease.

There is still no treatment for Egor's disease. But we can help improve his condition. Egor annually undergoes treatment with anti-seizure medications from Germany. Russian analogues didn't help. European drugs are way more expensive, so the boy’s family is struggling to buy them on their own.

Sever Minerals has been providing financial assistance to Egor and his family for many years, and allocated the necessary funds for his treatment.

We sincerely wish Egor good health, and his parents strength and patience!