Helping Danil

On June 15, 2019, a young boy from Kemerovo, Danil, went with friends to a tourist camp in the country to celebrate his birthday. However they didn't even start celebrating – the guys decided to swim, and Danya jumped off the pier and got into shallow water.

The hit resulted in a complex diagnosis – “severe spinal cord injury, pelvic organ dysfunction, acute cerebro-spinal injury”.

Danil has already undergone three surgeries and his condition is improving even though slowly. Now the main aim for Danil is to learn how to sit and get back on his feet in the future.

Danil’s mother found rehabilitation center “Three sisters” in the Moscow region, whose employees agreed to take up the treatment of her son. A month of rehabilitation in the Center costs more than half a million, and the boy will need more than one month. Danil's parents raise funds through social networks, apply to foundations, and “knock at all doors”.

Our company has made a contribution to payment for the boy’s treatment too.

From the bottom of our hearts we wish Danil speedy recovery!