Helping Daniel

Daniel is a little hero from Murmansk. The boy was born with a diagnosis of achondroplasia or dwarfism. This is a disease that slows down growth of bones and cartilage. The disease is rare, and the treatment consists in lengthening the extremities. In the Kiev clinic specializing on the problem Ilizarov devices are put alternately to Daniel’s arms and legs. The manipulations are expensive and Daniel's relatives won’t collect the amount of money required for the treatment on their own.

Sever Minerals has been supporting the boy’s family since 2015. At the end of the last year the boy’s mother asked us to pay for the air passage to take her and Daniel to the place of the treatment and back. Our company bought the tickets.

The little boy boldly underwent the surgery and now is staying at home with the devices on his hips, and in May he will go to the next stage of the treatment.

We sincerely wish Daniel and his family strength, patience and strong health!