Helping a boy from Murmansk

All parents look forward to the first words of their baby and, of course, want the baby's speech to be formed correctly and in time. And indeed, speech, thinking and the psyche develop simultaneously, which is why we can suspect deviations or lags in the development of a child by the manner of their speech or its absence. Sometimes a baby turns one, two, three years old yet doesn't say a word.

Young Murmansk citizen Ian is 4 years old now and he does not speak. Doctors diagnosed the boy with motor alalia (speech delay), a disorder of the central nervous system and cerebral venous blood outflow obstruction. It’s very difficult for Ian to perceive the world around him, to process the speech of his family members and to focus on a process.

Only systematic exercises at home and with specialists, as well as the medication that stimulates brain activity can help Ian. Ian's mother contacted a highly specialized children's neurological clinic in St. Petersburg, which comprehensively helps children with alalia, autism, learning difficulties and attention impairments. The doctors of the clinic say Ian's prognosis is good, but the boy needs to complete several rehabilitation courses, each of which costs a lot of money.

Our company paid for the first stage of treatment, and Ian bravely underwent a series of rehabilitation procedures.

Ian is already making more sounds, he has improved eye contact with his mother, he is calmer now, more attentive and often smiles to his family. But he still has a lot of work to do.

We sincerely wish Ian good health!