Help for Yan

Our company continues to provide targeted assistance to children who need expensive treatment and support. The story of Yan fr om Murmansk is familiar to us since 2018, when the kid's mother asked the company for help. Yan has a motor alalia – speech and central nervous system disorders. 

The kid needs systematic exercises at home and with specialists and the course of medication that stimulates brain activity to develop and learn to interact with the outside world. Rehabilitation treatment in specialized clinics can give a good result. Thus, in two years of our acquaintance, Yan has passed several courses in the clinic in St. Petersburg, which helps children with alalia, autism, learning difficulties and disorder of attention.

This year, Yan and his mother left for Sochi, wh ere the neurorehabilitation center for children Impulse was opened. 

Our company has paid for a course of rehabilitation procedures at the clinic. With each course and lesson Yan shows increased interest in the outside world, new sounds and words appear. The kid learned to play on a swing, pull himself up, climb complex horizontal bars and interact with other children. 

We wish the boy good health and new discoveries!